Categorization is the process in which hazardous and non-hazardous materials are classified according to their physical-chemical properties and risk.

The objective is to identify the waste and that it coincides with the established profile authorized by the customer, this way discrepancies are minimized in the treatment sites and/or final disposal, always in compliance with Mexican and United States regulations in waste disposal.

The categorizer inspects the condition of the packaging material so they comply with the legal requirements for the transport of hazardous waste in federal highways (NOM-007-SCT-2010) and DOT in the United States.

The categorizing technicians provide the service in the generating plant and this personnel has the training for handling hazardous material and waste, collection, transport as wells as spillage control and how to deal with emergencies.

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Advantages of Categorization for the Customer

The activities are carried out by qualified personnel

Service is provided at the generating facility

Provide security in handling waste

Documents are created in generating facility in real time

Discrepancy errors are minimized in the characteristics of the waste