Consulting and Support

With the purpose that our customers have the basic elements related to environmentally appropriate management of their hazardous waste SAMEX offers technical support and consulting services as described below:

  • Information is provided on general aspects of environmental compliance in hazardous waste management.

  • Notifications through informative newsletters by electronic form about aspects related to legislative, rules and regulations on hazardous waste.

  • Provide support in the most appropriate segregation of hazardous waste for its temporary storage.

  • Instruct in the usage of the incompatibility table of hazardous waste.

  • Recommend the type of packaging that meets environmental regulations and corresponding safety measures according to the type of hazardous waste.

  • Suggest possible alternatives of treatment, recycling, containment or final disposal of hazardous waste specifically generated.

  • Qualified personnel and registered before STPS to provide training sessions on induction to material handling and hazardous waste.

  • Provide seminars on environmental aspects in the area of hazardous waste.