Electronic Categorization and on-site documentation

The categorizer has electronic equipment that allows him to print documents in real time at the generating facility. In this way it offers a more efficient service that permits us to minimize human errors, at the moment of selecting the profile that applies to the residual stream to avoid discrepancies in the treatment sites and/or final disposal.

By means of the electronic equipment, the categorizer selects the profile, creates the barcode labels, manifest, collection log book, all the information that is generated is linked to our companies electronic system.

Servicios Ambientales Mexicanos S.A.DE C.V. constantly seeks to be on the cutting edge in all of the offered services and meet the established requirements for the agencies in Mexico and United States.

Reference: In compliance with article 86 of the rules of general law for the prevention and integral administration of waste issued by SEMARNAT, which deals in the documentation of the generating facility of hazardous waste.

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