Visual Tools

Visual Tools to assist the Collection Schedule

SAMEX has electronic calendars shared in groups, this tool was developed incorporating the technology Google Apps from the company Google to our Waste Management computer system. These calendars are utilized to register and keep a schedule of the collections and categorizations. This allows us to be more efficient and more organized at the time these tasks are performed considering that the departments involved such as Customer Service, Operations and Sales has access to this information in a Visual manner (Monitors LED 50” and electronic mail).
See electronic calendar.

Documentation Status for exports

The export Department also has a visual tool (Monitor LED 50 “) to monitor the most important stages of the documentation flow, this is taken with limits of established days and indicators with color codes to follow up on them and in this way meet the goal for delivering the documents in a maximum time of 45 days. This application was developed utilizing the Crystal Report reporter in combination with technologies that handle a database (SQL).
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Input System of waste to warehouse

Samex has developed a module 100% visual (Monitor LED 50”) in its computer system of hazardous waste that displays the profile image and its special handling instructions at the moment of input to warehouse with the scanning of the barcode from the waste. This application was developed utilizing the programming tool Visual Studio.NET and the development language C Sharp (C#).
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