Thermal Desorption

Thermal desorption eliminates harmful chemical substances from soil and other materials as sludge and sediments, utilizing heat to transform such chemical substances in to gases. These gases are collected using special equipment. The dust and harmful chemical substances are separated from the gases and are eliminates safely and the clean soil is returned to the site. Thermal desorption is not the same as incineration, that is used to destroy chemical substances.

Thermal desorption utilizes equipment called desorver to clean contaminated soil. The soil is extracted by excavation and is placed in the desorver. That equipment functions as a large furnace. When the soil is sufficiently heated, harmful chemical substances evaporate. To prepare the soil for the desorver, the workers should grind, dry, mix with sand or extract the debris. In that way the desorver can clean the soil in a more smooth and easy way.