The new Whaling Whaling is the hunting of whales mainly for meat and oil. Its earliest forms date to at least 3000 BC. So it has long been a successful economic activity but not too good for the whales whose population tends to be endangered.
Pre-Industrial Times When evaluating the historic contributions made by different countries to the greenhouse gasses found in Earth’s atmosphere, calculations generally go back no further than the year 1840 which is roughly when the industrial revolution began.

Servicios Ambientales Mexicanos S.A. de C.V.

We are a company specialized in Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste Management. Founded in 1994, we maintain a qualified staff to provide categorization, collection (on site pick up), storage and transportation services from generating facility to final treatment or disposal. We utilize customized technologies that enable us to provide our customers with personalized service, great flexibility, promptness and efficiency in a secure environment, in compliance with legal and environmental regulations.

We have implemented Continues Improvement in all of our operations and services, focusing our activities to the protection of the environment thinking about our future generations.