Why Samex?

This is why we are different and how we can help you.

Our real-time database offers you complete transparency regarding the process that your waste has gone through from Samex collecting to its final disposal.

All the tools you need for the traceability of your waste streams at any level you want from a very general vision to the smallest detail.

Our mission is to generate the least possible impact on the environment, continually looking for the best options to reduce, reuse and / or recycle. Not only for reasons of commercial profit but to share a better environment together.

Through Samex’s History

We started the hazardous waste storage service and placed ourselves in the market being a pioneer in recycling textiles through industrial washing.

We established ourselves in the USA with Samex Enviromental Inc., obtaining all environmental permits. This same year, we introduce new working methods. Handling large volumes of hazardous waste using “Roll Off” type platforms and we minimize waste through on-site compaction. We also launched a platform to provide access to information in real time for our clients.

We achieved important exports such as: Export of PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) to Saint Vulbas, France and Export of CRTs containing lead to Malaysia, Korea and Japan.

We established the Hazardous Material Transportation Inc. corporation in the USA, in addition to opening the SAMEX Mexicali branch.

We begin with consolidated shipments to the USA. Thinking about continuous improvement and our clients, the SAMEX 2000 system is implemented to provide security and access to information to the client.

We managed to be the first company in the industry certified in ISO-9001. We started with the categorization system with PDA equipment.

We obtain the ISO-14001 certification. In May of this year we registered our logo.

We consolidate ourselves as a leading company in virtual operations.

We obtained the permits for the reuse of drums.

We managed to be the only company in the industry with an electronic categorization service and on-site document generation. We also obtain the authorization for the handling and transport of non-hazardous waste.

Obtaining authorization for recycling and first SAMEX shredder.

  • Start of operations of SAMEX Recycling Technologies.
  • Authorization for the recycling of solids and solvents for SAMEX Recycling Technologies.
  • WWTP authorization for SAMEX Recycling Technologies.
  • RME recycling (shredding) authorization for SAMEX Recycling Technologies.

The SAMEX Philosophy

Vision: To be the leading Mexican company in the management of hazardous waste.

Mission: Committed to excellence in the management of hazardous waste in harmony with the environment.


  • Attitude
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism

Enviromental Policy

SAMEX’s Environmental policy is established as follows since we are committed to CONSERVING the environment through:

Comply with all applicable Environmental Legal requirements. Organize trainings for personnel involved in hazardous waste management. Notify and disseminate the ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY to our employees, clients and the community. Maintain active communication with associations and government agencies. Focus our activities, processes and services on continuous improvement. Respond to emergency situations that arise with our clients and those who request it. Assess new technological options in order to prevent pollution. Adopt a kindergarten to make children aware of recycling and the importance of caring for our environment. Recycle economically viable waste.

Quality Policy

We are committed to our clients to comply with a quality policy that has the highest market standards, for that we developed the following:

  • To be the best Environmental Service company in the management of hazardous waste through the fulfillment of quality objectives.
  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements regarding hazardous waste and hazardous materials, as well as with all client requirements, focusing our activities, processes and services on continuous improvement.
  • Provide effective solutions and their immediate implementation.
  • Create a culture of QUALITY inside and outside the company.
  • Our Policy grows in balance with our company.

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