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Receiving Parameters for Flammable Liquids

  • Fuel value >5000 BTU
  • Water content <30%
  • Different price categories for solids ranging from >10% up to solid monolith.
  • No isocyanates or other constituents that will react with other solvents.
  • No biohazardous, explosives, fertilizers, agriculture-related, pesticides or herbicides. 

Flammable Liquids Disposal

Flammable liquid wastes are received in drums, totes and tankers. After technicians complete fingerprint analysis that includes pH, BTU, water content, and solids content, waste is directed to the appropriate blending tank or hydropulper.  

Flammable Waste Is Received

Customers send their flammable liquid waste to Samex in drums, totes or tankers.


Analysis Performed

The analysis includes PH, BTU, Water Content and Solids Content.


Waste Is Directed To The Appropriate Blending Tank

For solvent blends with a high percentage of solids, we direct them to the hydro pulper to keep the solids in the solution. 


Taking Recycling & Sustainability To The Next Level

In many disposal facilities, waste is received and treated according to its properties. Some waste ends up in landfills, while other types are burned. 

Samex Environmental, however, offers a State-Of-The-Art system that treats waste and turns it into reusable products that are then sold back into the industry. 

By ensuring nothing is wasted, companies can take their sustainability initiatives to the next level. 

Liquid Fuel Blending

Samex receives flammable and halogenated solvents in all sorts of mixtures. It takes state-of-the-art equipment to analyze, categorize, and treat to create an engineered blend that is ready to be used as an alternative fuel at the local cement kiln 90 miles away.

In the lab, we use a sophisticated pH meter that is accurate with both aqueous and solvent solutions. This allows us to neutralize flammable liquids before sending them to the blending area. For solvent blends with a high percentage of solids, we direct them to the hydro pulper to keep the solids in the solution. When it’s time to load the tankers, we use part from our other accumulation tanks and part from the hydropulper to create the ready-to-burn blend that is used in the cement kilns.

liquid fuel blending

At Samex We Are Committed To Excellence In The Management Of Hazardous Waste In Harmony With The Environment And Human Health

Maximize Efficiency

We transform the waste into reusable products, providing our clients with a sustainable recycling process.

Recycling Responsibility

Our recycling services help serve corporate sustainable policies by embodying responsible resource management and environmental stewardship. 

True Sustainability

Recycled waste is turned into a reusable product that can be sold back into the industry.

Flammable Liquids Recycling

Partnering with Samex for your waste management needs not only ensures efficient solutions but also minimizes your company's long-term liability exposure.

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Carbon Footprint Emissions

From Tijuana to Ensenada, Mexico


Miles To Cement Kiln


Cargo Tons 


Average truck emits 161.8 grams of CO2 per ton-mile


Total Metric Tons of CO2

The CO2 Emissions Savings Are Significant!

The average carbon emissions output for the same weight-based freight truck from Los Angeles to Benton Arkansas would be 3.4 metric tons of CO2.

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