Wastewater Treatment

Our main goal is to return each drop of water that we recycle to nature.


A safe and effective method of recovering the energy value of certain waste streams.

Solvent Recycling

Innovative technology, minimal impact on the environment and saving economic resources.

Reciclaje de Solventes - Tipo de Solventes


We are authorized to export hazardous waste to Mexico.

Servicios Ambientales Mexicanos S.A.

We are a company specialized in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, founded in 1994. We have trained personnel to provide categorization, collection, storage and transportation services from production to its final disposal. We use our own technology, that allows us to provide our clients with personalized service with great flexibility, speed and efficiency in a safe environment, complying with all legal regulations and environmental requirements.

We implemented continuous improvement in all our processes, focusing our activities to the protection of the enviroment, thinking about our future generations.

Get to know our customized services for the treatment of Hazardous Waste.