Categorization is the process in which hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are classified according to their physical-chemical and risk properties.

The objective is to identify the waste and that it matches the profile already established and authorized by the client, in this way the discrepancies in the treatment and/or final disposal sites are minimized, always complying with Mexico’s and the United States regulations.

The categorizer inspects the packaging material conditions to comply with the legal requirements for the transportation of hazardous waste on federal highway (NOM007-SCT-2010) and DOT in the United States.

The field at technician provide the service generator site and these personnel have training in the handling of hazardous materials and waste, collection, transportation as well as spill control and how to respond to an emergency.

Advantages of Categorization for the Client:

  • The activities are carried out by qualified personnel.
  • Service is provided at the generator plant.
  • Safety is provided in the handling of waste.
  • Documents are generated on the generator site and in real time.
  • Errors of discrepancies in the characteristics of the waste are minimized.

Advantages of Onsite Electronic Documentation:

  • It is transparent, fast and secure.
  • Minimize errors, avoid discrepancies.
  • Anticipates waste management and predicts the outcome.
  • Determine the critical path from collection, during treatment and / or final disposal.

Electronic Documentation Onsite

SAMEX has electronic equipment that allows real-time documentation at the generator plant, thus providing a more efficient service that minimizes human errors, avoids discrepancies during collection and at treatment and / or final disposal sites.

Through the system, the categorizer selects the profile, generates labels with barcode, manifests, collection logs and all the information that is generated is linked to the electronic system of our company.

Assistance & Compliance


Through consulting, on-site support, diagnostics and audits, we can establish the level of environmental compliance of the generator at a certain time. We also jointly plan the strategy that will allow you to reduce risks, accidents, fines for non-compliance, etc., for better compliance with the legal framework and above all, to minimize pollution to the environment by its waste.


With Samex you comply! More than 25 years of experience and with staff constantly updated in current regulations, our support and advice for legal compliance and implementation of good practices in waste management allows us to have multiple success stories. A large number of industrial plants in the region have relied on our processes to achieve a zero or minimal environmental impact.

The universal objective is to minimize landfill and to achieve this we offer tailor-made programs, which include analyzes, evaluations, development plans for the reduction, reuse and recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste management.

Get to know our customized services for the treatment of Hazardous Waste.