Trust and Absolute Safety on the Road

A crucial part of the waste management process has to do with the logistics of transportation from the generator site to our treatment plants or disposal sites. Leaks, spills, misclassified containers or overflows can generate environmental risks and heavy penalties for the generators of this waste.

Our fleet of vehicles and trucks offers your company 5 security elements:

  1. Operators and Drivers trained for emergencies and with current credentials for this type of transportation in the US and Mexico. All have the 40HR HAZWOPER certification valid in both countries.
  2. Our own vehicle fleet with tractors, semi trucks, roll off platforms and boxes of up to 53 feet, with maintenance workshops and mobile mechanical solutions to maintain the transit fluidity of our units.
  3. Permits and licenses from the SCT in Mexico and the US Department of Transportation (DOT) that guarantee legal and responsible transit in both countries.
  4. Management of the AOC (Acknowledgment of Consent) issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after the approval of the notification for the electronic documentation that we carry out on your site and that includes data from the generator, exporter, carrier and final destination, as well as the specific data of the waste to be exported; in compliance with the requirements of the Federal Code, Title 40 CFR, Part 262, Subpart H.
  5. Insurance and bonds on our units and personnel to protect against financial risks derived from traffic accidents.

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